Ristorante Umbria

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Dear Friends,

Writing this letter to you is as difficult as it was for me to close the doors of Ristorante Umbria.

I would just like to say "thank you" to each and every one of you for your loyalty and patronage these past twenty-one years. It was a special time; one that we shared together and one that I shall never forget. The amount of love and support that I experienced, that I am still experiencing, overwhelms me. I am grateful. So very grateful.

It is time now to plant my garden in Sonoma. Quite literally, I just put the tomato plants in yesterday. I spent some time on the gorgeous Sonoma Coast last weekend. This week we are hoping to finalize plans for my new restaurant. I am going to do it one more time.

I hope that you will find and follow us to Umbria Glen Ellen, where the flavors of my family recipes will live on. And where, I will blend the beautiful community of Glen Ellen with the vibrant energy and passion of Ristorante Umbria. I am very excited and once you see what we are doing, I know you're going to be very happy. No more tears.

God bless you all.